22 MAY 2013

Welcome to Emotion Sport. We hope you didn't have too much trouble finding us. It gives us a great amount of pleasure to introduce you to something that has been an idea bubbling along for the last 18 months, and which for the last few months has been something we have tried hard to put in to practice. We came up with the idea of putting together a magazine that will cover sports in the Bristol and Somerset area, from our top professional clubs to academies, universities and grass roots.
We also wanted to give some superb coverage to the sports that are underexposed in our areas. We want to bring them up to the level of coverage that our national teams get.
Now, seeing as we at Emotion Sport are very much of the digital age, we will only be available as an online magazine, but completely free. You'll be able to read the magazine at home on TV, on your desktop, laptop, iPad or phone should you wish.
We are lucky enough to have a great team behind us, with some superb writers, photographers and of course designers. We maintain great relationships with the "bigger clubs" in our area, meaning some great exclusives and access. We also have our ear to the ground to make sure we don't miss a beat when it comes to our lesser-known sports. Everything will get its 60 seconds of fame.
This edition is just an example of what we are planning on doing on a monthly basis. Every month, on the 22nd, we will send you our latest 80-page edition of Emotion Sport - full of fixtures, features and fun that you may not get anywhere else.
There's no obligation to sign up to the mailing list, you can visit us online and read the magazine whenever you like, but subscribers will have the opportunity to win a prize monthly. Prizes will range from tickets, shirts and boots to experiences that money can't buy.
The magazine will consist of in-depth and entertaining interviews, superb imagery and some features and fittings you won't get elsewhere. We hope to inform and entertain in equal measure, as well as building relations that might not have existed before. So please sign up as a subscriber and, more importantly, let us know what you are doing with your team or your bike or your yoyo over the coming month by visiting and we will get you the coverage you deserve.